Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Share Your Style #48

 Hi there friends...Welcome back to this weeks Share Your Style!!

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Welcome to the 48th "Share Your Style" party.  It's always a pleasure to be your hostess for the party.  My blog is The Vintage Nest and my name is Lynn.  So far, for me, January has come roaring in.  Since the New Year, I have opened a second retail spot, started some renovations in the our kitchen and booked a trip to Austin, Texas, Warrenton for Antique Weekend and Magnolia Market.  Plus my up-cycled vintage plaid and flannel Boho shirts have been selling like hot cakes and I have been "sew" busy at the sewing machine.  :) Oh.....and one more thing.....I have a feature in Women's World magazine this month showing a tutorial on sachet Valentine's....pretty exciting stuff. 

Now on to this week's Features and if you were featured we would love for you display the button on your website

Simply Vintageous cracked me up with her blog post on her newly decorated front door.  And I would so love to do this.

After a warmer than usual December here, colder weather has finally settled in and that means comfort food.  Cincy Shopper shares her slow cooker easy recipe and perfect for supper and that Super Bowl party coming up.

January is all about white sales, organizing and cleaning
 and maybe adding something new to your home after all the holiday decor 
comes down.  And our friend, Bobbie , of the blog AVision to Remember , shares with us many ways to use plain ol' white vinegar in cleaning our homes.  So good for the environment.

And on a decor note, Cheryl, of Ruffles and Rifles, transformed a worn out old coffee table with sexy legs, into a gorgeous tufted ottoman.  This piece is perfectly fabulous......don't you think?  

thank you to all who participated last week.  I am so looking forward to all your inspiration this week.  We hope you'll join in with your decor, vintage, DIY, tablescapes, creations and recipes… in other words, pretty much anything that's your "style"   :) .

Make sure to have a link back to
 Share Your Style somewhere in your post and to visit other party goers so to make some new bloggy friends!

"now let's Partay"


Barbara @ 21 Rosemary Lane said...

Martina...I sent out an email earlier today with regards to tonight's SYS party. Thanks!

xinex said...

Congrats on the new store. The plaid shirt sure is pretty, no wonder it's selling like crazy.. Thanks for hosting....Christine

Calypso In The Country said...

Thanks for hosting again Martina! Are you ready for snow this weekend? My kids are hoping for a blizzard!

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