Thursday, May 31, 2012

~Around theYard~

Come take a walk with me and I'll show you what's blooming around our yard. 
These pictures were all taken early this morning with the sun behind me.
 I found this cute little feeder the other day at the nursery and had to have it. I have no idea how my name popped up twice in this pic!
 This was the top of a birdbath that I had for years and after it broke I kept the top part of it. I love  the rusty patina it developed.

This next pic is the garden on the side our house. When we bought this house this area was all grass and my hubby came up with this design. We had the guy that does all our mason work add belgium block at the top near the property line. We did the rest. The three large bushes on the top that have not fully bloomed are crepe myrtles. My husband loves them. Here in the northeast we can only grow them as bushes, but we're happy with that! We have more on our pool deck, with red leaves.
 This is the area at the top part of our side garden, in the front of the house. I am so glad the developers that built this development left a lot of trees and didn't cut them all down when building the houses.
 By mid-summer the mums fill in all around this tree, to the point where you can't see the mulch anymore. It looks so pretty.

 Thanks so much for coming along! Now we can go inside to cool off and have a glass of iced tea:)

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Table's Makeover & A New Painting

 While driving by one of our local antique shops a few weeks ago, I spotted this cute little table outside in the front of the store. Made a quick u-turn (thank goodness there was no cops around) and went to check it out. Don't mind our deck, this was before I stained it.
 Taking a closer look at the table you can see it was in pretty bad shape, but I had a vision and for $20 it came home with me.
 Surprisingly I didn't whip out the paint, instead I used this...
 And turned it into this...

  ...and that's the new painting that I just purchased from Linsey over @ The Farmhouse Porch
Linsey is an AMAZING artist and she has more of her beautiful paintings for sale on her blog.

 I just love my new painting! This one is called "Evening Clearing"
Some night shots.

  Hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!! 
                         Have a great week!

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Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Busy Week!

Sorry I haven't made the rounds too much this week, I missed you guys! This was one crazy week with so much going on!! End of the year class trips, field day, the finishing up of state exams for my 2 oldest, it's nice that the kids have a 4 day weekend so we all can relax! Nothing like a pretty bunch of sunflowers to brighten the end of a crazy week.

               Have a super holiday weekend!!


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

~Bedroom Vignette~

;  There's a few changes going on in the master bedroom and I thought I'd start off by showing you the new vignette on my dresser. I just shopped the house and used what I had except for the leather box that I just found in Hobby Lobby for $20.

 Isn't she pretty!
 Love the pretty handles.
 This Lladro was given to me by my MIL when I was pregnant with my first daughter Mackenzie 12 years ago. She never got to meet her, she passed when I was 5months pregnant at the young age of 58. She was the sweetest MIL a girl could ask for!
 I moved this lamp from my nightstand over here, because a change went on over there:)

 There is more to come, so stay tuned!  
 Hubby had a little set back with his knee. From his knee down to his foot is swollen and brusied. It was so bad the other day he couldn't even get his sneaker on to go to PT.  We went to see his doctor and he said this is all normal after the surgery he had. (Let's just say I'm keeping myself busy)!
I'm off to finish staining the deck now! Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Keeping the Bugs Out!

 I found these pretty nets in Home Goods over the weekend when I found the wicker storage trunk seen in my last post HERE. We eat dinner outside by the pool quite a bit in the summer. I always use aluminum foil to cover up all the serving bowls, now I can use these pretty things.
 A pretty solution for keeping the flies and bee's away from your food, don't ya think? Not bad for only $7.99 a piece!

 I bought the last two, but plan on going back to see if they get more in. I would love to find a few more!

         That's all for today.
 Thanks so much for stopping by!

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Pretty Storage Solution

My youngest munchkin loves books and  has an over abundance of them. I was starting to run out of drawers to put them in. While in Home Goods this weekend I came across this pretty wicker storage basket and knew it would be perfect to house all her books. ( I really like the way it looks behind the chair too)
Love the leather handles.

It's a great size and there is still room for more. Not bad for $30.
While I was organizing her books she was making sure Toby was comfortable! I couldn't resist snapping this pic of him. She loves him to pieces!!
                        Have a great week!


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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Calling all Country French lovers!!

 First I would like to thank you all for sending well wishing to my hubby, they mean so much to us! Yesterday was his first day of physical therapy and it went well, he's just a little sore. It was a little more intense today, I new right away just from the look on his face when I picked him up. Thank goodness for my IPad and my favorite new book, that's what made the time go by waiting for him to come out of surgery on Monday.
Ladies grab a napkin because this book is drool worthy!! It might not be a pretty hardcover but this baby sits on my family room coffee table for me to go through almost every night! Excuse my fingers being in almost all the pics, I wanted to hold the pages down so there wouldn't be a glare. Good thing I had a mani :)
 There's 300 pages of loveliness in this book! Let's take a look, the pictures will speak for themselves...

 What did you think? There is still sooooo much more to see! I would say this book is a must have!

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